Circulation Procedures

  • Library membership is automatically given to all bona fide members of GUtech.
  • Bulk member registration is done at the beginning of the academic year by the circulation staff.
  • Members can borrow book, journal, and CD/DVD however, reference books, maps, and newspapers are not allowed for home use.
  • GUtech ID card is used as library card.  No ID card means No borrowing of materials.
  • No member can borrow two copies at the same item.
  • Borrowing by proxy is not accepted.
  • Blocked members are not allowed to borrow new items until accounts are cleared.
  • The Item Barcode is a unique identifier of all items in the library. Books may have the same title but with different barcodes. Hence, students must avoid book swap.
  • Members can renew a loan per allowable renew days however, it can be disapproved if the book is already reserved for someone else.
Item Exception Member Category Loan Days Maximum Items Renew Days
Normal Students 14 days 15 14 days
Normal Staff 120 20 20
Normal Intern 30 days 20 20
Short Loan (in-demand books) All 2 hours; can be allowed for home use but issued only on Thursdays after 4pm and returned the next Sunday before 9am. 5 2 hours
Teaching Material Teacher Permanent Loan unlimited
IELTS restricted testing material Only authorised  teachers Permanent Loan unlimited
Thesis/Map/ Newspaper All Not for loan
  • Members are encouraged to reserve books which are currently issued to other borrowers. They will be informed through email and WhatsApp if the reserved book becomes available. Reserved book should be picked up not later than noontime on the 3rd day after notice otherwise reservation is forfeited.

As a courtesy, the library sends automatic overdue reminder to borrowers who have overdue items.

Claim Number Description When to Receive
1 Overdue Reminder 1-4 days before overdue
2 Fine Notice 5-11 days past due date
3 Suspension notice

(Member’s borrowing privilege is suspended at this time)

12-29 days past due date
4 Item cost recovery notice

(Two weeks overdue, books classified as in-demand will be counted as lost. Therefore the borrower has to shoulder the replacement cost in addition to the accumulated fine.

30 days past due date

It is the responsibility of the borrower to return an item to the library before due date. Overdue claims are sent as a courtesy only. Borrowers are expected to be aware of and abide by the loan periods granted by the library. Not receiving an overdue claim is not an acceptable excuse for not returning a book on time and will not exempt the borrower from any penalty incurred.

  • Fines are imposed to discourage long overdue loans. Students will be fined for items returned late. Overdue fine is 100 baiza per item per day.
  • Students with unreturned book or unpaid overdue fine at the end of the semester will be added to the University Stop List. As a consequence, they are not able to see their marks and enrol in the next semester.
  • Lost and damaged book shall be replaced or paid. Replacement cost is assessed based on the acquisition value of the latest edition of the item plus one (1) OMR processing fee.
  • Any damaged book is accounted to the last borrower. Members are therefore advised to inspect items they borrow before leaving the circulation counter.
  • Paid book due to damage or loss is non-refundable.
  • Damage cost is assessed based on the table below:
# Condition of the book Definition Penalty
3 Damaged Stains, scribbling and writing in pages but still usable. 50% of the purchase price
4 Not Usable Missing pages, torn or loose cover, excessive writing and highlighting and/or water damaged. Replacement/full recovery cost
5 Lost Missing from borrower’s possession Replacement/full recovery cost

Exiting members, including graduates, withdrawn students, drop-outs, resigned staffs, interns, and fly-in professors, are required to secure library clearance before officially leaving the University. Clearance will not be signed unless all borrowed items are returned and unpaid fines are settled.

  • Textbooks are circulated as normal or short loan (please see borrowing period).
  • Students who wish to buy personal copies should go to the Copy Centre.

Student applicants are considered guest members and therefore they are not eligible to borrow materials from the library. However, they are allowed to loan books upon depositing an equivalent amount of the books’ cost which they wish to borrow. Their deposit is refunded after returning the books to the library.  Photocopy of resident card and contact details are required.  A student applicant textbook deposit form is used.

  • Copyright is one of the main types of intellectual property. It allows people to own things they create in the same way as something physical can be owned. It is the right to prevent others from copying or reproducing someone’s work.
  • Copyright protects books, computer programs, maps, plans and sketches, drawings, painting, architecture, sculpture, or any literary work.
  • For academic and research purposes, staff and students are generally allowed to copy a minimal portion of a copyrighted work. Allowable amount is usually determined by the Publisher.
  • Copyright law forbids duplication of copyrighted materials. Hence, users are responsible to observe copyright regulations. GUtech is not accountable for any claims of refund or damages made against a violation of copyright laws.

Members are expected to cooperate and allow themselves for inspection by library staff when the library security system detects un-borrowed items.

At the discretion of library staff, members may make short, local phone calls from the library. The library’s telephones are meant for official business communications only.