Library Policy

In pursuit to the vision, mission and values of GUtech, the library is committed to provide equitable access to relevant library resources and services to staff and students.


  • Membership is granted to all current students and staff of the university. They have borrowing rights, access to the collection, and priority in services and facilities. Visitors are welcome but without borrowing rights.
  • Members may borrow materials such as books, journals and audio-visual materials except for newspaper, thesis, and reference copies of books.
  • Borrowers must present GUtech ID card to check out library materials. Using someone else’s ID is not permitted.
  • The members are responsible for all items issued to their accounts. Items must be returned before due date and in good condition. Fines and suspension of borrowing privileges shall be applied to any late return, damage or loss. Borrowers, who purposely keep materials long after due date or despite several reminders, will be subject to further fines and disciplinary action. Rates shall be available at the Library Qwiki and website.
  • Loans may be renewed for longer periods of time though restriction may be imposed when items are reserved by other borrowers.
  • Members may reserve materials currently on loan to other borrowers. Notifications will be sent when items become available.
  • The Library staff shall have discretionary right to issue or not to issue any material at any time.
  • When the security gates detect unrecorded loan, users must allow their belongings to be inspected by library staff.
  • The library sends overdue claims to borrowers however not receiving a claim is not an excuse from returning a book on time. Upon borrowing, members agree to abide by the loan periods and conditions granted by the library.
  • Students with unreturned books or unpaid fines will be included in the Stop List. Likewise, clearance of members with outstanding loans or fines shall not be signed until accounts are clear.


  • Services starts 15 minutes after opening and ends 15 minutes before closing. Users must observe opening and closing time.
  • Certain study rooms must be booked by borrowers through the library website.
  • If a study area is unoccupied for 15 minutes but without being cleared by personal belongings, it is considered available for other users. Unattended belongings will be removed by library staff and kept in the circulation counter.
  • Computers in the library are meant for studying purposes only. Downloading or playing online game or accessing pornographic sites is strictly not allowed. See university IT Policy.
  • Users must observe copyright regulations. GUtech is not accountable for any claims of refund or damages made against a violation of copyright laws.
  • Use earphones when using audio-visual resource to avoid distracting others.
  • Log off personal account to avoid exploitation by others. The individual to whom an account is issued will be responsible at all times for its proper use.


  • Users must not bring food or drinks in the library. Bottled water is allowed.
  • Dispose personal rubbish before leaving the occupied study area.
  • Respect others by observing silence at all times. Rowdy or distractive behaviour is not accepted. Group study is allowed only in group discussion areas. Silent mobile phones and receive calls outside the library.
  • Damaging or stealing library property is an offense.
  • Users must not leave personal belongings unattended. The library is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Users who violate this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action and suspension of library privileges.